Chris Lin

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Mine. Mine!
Eel Space, Chicago, IL, January 2011

Mine. Mine! is a collaborative project between myself and Kayce Bayer, a.k.a Good Stuff House.

"Deus ex machina is Latin for “god out of machine”, but a modern English translation might be “god from our hands” or “god that we make.” Often thought of as an inept storytelling device that defies all internal logic, deus ex machina creates a false sense of consolation—used to “save the day,” to ease the tension and conclude metaphysical tragedy with happy endings.

Playing on the literal deus ex machina, automaton, the concept of ownership/authorship, and inspired by gaming interfaces and control devices, we’re building an operable sandbox. The players/gods can decide to destroy or manipulate the given world, or collaborate to create or rebuild from destruction."

-- Excerpt from show statement

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