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I Write Songs in a Cave
Retreat, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL, 2008

I Write Songs in a Cave is an inhabitable cave made of cardboard and wood. The interior is littered with cardboard writing utensils, empty bottles, and sheets of paper.

"Six months of hiding out in a cave, meeting Hannis once a week to play songs for each other. Sometimes I sleep there. The most number of people I saw at once was six, when I bought a Heineken keg, everyone was invited. Pyong got drunk of two glasses, Zac cooked us oodles of noodles, and Jay Son dropped by for a hot minute before he leaves for his nap. The cave is my studio. There was a time when I think it's a good idea to shut myself in and call it therapy. Didn't work. The cave was well-stocked with endless supply of whisky, canned soup, and self-preserving snack foods. The lack of sunshine and vitamin C reinforced my misery. Black hair turned into white hair, I drank myself old. I have turned into Salinger, I have turned into Pollock. I have turned into a mystic."

-- Excerpt from show statement

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