Chris Lin

Installation Video Design C.V. Worklogue Idealogue
2511 N Campbell Ave, FL 2, Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 544-0312

b. 1981 Taipei, Taiwan


2006 - 2008      The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA in Fiber & Material Studies / Sculptural Practices, Chicago, IL
2005                   Atlantic Centre for the Arts, Residency 116 (Puppet Theatre), New Smyrna Beach, FL
2002 - 2005      University of Victoria, BFA in Visual Arts with emphasis in Sculpture, Victoria, BC

Solo Exhibitions

2010                  Gallery UNO, Bye!, Chicago, IL
2005                  Atlantic Center for the Arts, Puppet City, New Smyrna Beach, FL
                           University of Victoria, OCPD Strikes Home, Victoria, BC

Group Exhibitions

2013                 The Franklin, The Collectors, Chicago, IL
                          Ralph Arnolds Fine Arts Annex, Loyola University, More Than Naked, Chicago, IL
                          The Treehouse, Moldy Cartridges, Chicago, IL
                          Home Gallery, Remodeling Home Chicago, IL
2012                 Verge Art Fair, New York, NY
                          Southside Hub of Production, This House is Not a Home, Chicago, IL
                          Hinge Gallery, Chicago, IL
2011                 Dock 6, Fall Design and Art Series, Chicago, IL
                          Eel Space, Remake, Chicago, IL
2010                 The Op Shop, Mabel's Wayback Machine, Chicago, IL
                          Richmond Manor, Humboldt Moving Picture Show 2, Chicago, IL
                          Chicago Art Department, ACTION!, Chicago, IL
                          MVSEUM, Exhibition 6.04102010, Chicago, IL
                          The Op Shop, Adhocity, Chicago, IL
2009                 Gallery UNO, Hissy, Chicago, IL
                          Richmond Manor, Humboldt Moving Picture Show, Chicago, IL
                          Good Stuff House, Keep the C in Country, Chicago, IL
                          1213 Sharp, The Other Side, Chicago, IL
                          Spoke, Nitey Nite, Chicago, IL
                          Chicago Cultural Center / Chicago Tourism Center, Exquisite City, Chicago, IL
2008                 1213 Sharp, Open Studio, Chicago, IL
                          Estudiotres, Work Site, Chicago, IL
                          Gallery 214 at Northern Illinois University, Retreat, DeKalb, IL
                          Sullivan Galleries, Department (Store), Chicago, IL
                          Contemporary Art Workshop, Arrest Your Cardiac, Chicago, IL
                          Gallery 2 and Project Space, Graduate Exhibition, Chicago, IL
                          Estudiotres, Fair Game, Chicago, IL
2007                 Gallery 2 and Project Space, Do Not Disconnect, Chicago, IL
                          Deluge Contemporary Art, RPM: The Lost Art of the LP Cover, Victoria, BC
2006                The Ministry of Casual Living, IUFT Laundry Show, Victoria, BC
2005                Atlantic Center for the Arts, InsideOUT, New Smyrna Beach, FL
                          50/50 Arts Collective, Firearms, Victoria, BC
                          2681 Eastdowne, Grandma Cookie, Victoria, BC
                          69Pender, What Do We Do When We Can't Be 2Gether, Vancouver, BC
2004                 50/50 Arts Collective, Slight Return, Victoria, BC

Interventions / Workshops

2012                Soft Shop, Southside Hub of Production, Chicago, IL
2011                Make Believe Workshops Series, Southside Hub of Production, Chicago, IL
2010                Fort Cardboard, The Op Shop, Chicago, IL
2008                How to Write a Sad Country Song workshop, Revolving Door Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007                Do Not Disconnect audio tour, Gallery 2, Chicago, IL
                         Artist Statements Singalong, Gallery 2, Chicago, IL
                         Lorraine's Diner audio tour, Chicago, IL
2006                Eerie's Funeral, Victoria, BC
2005                Puppet City workshop, Atlantic Centre for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL
                         Cardboard Buddies workshop, Victoria, BC


2012 -              Faculty, Sequential Art and Graphic Design, Chicago High School for the Arts, Chicago, IL
2012                Faculty, Fiber and Material Studies, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2009 –             Adjunct Instructor, School of Design, Westwood College Chicago Loop, Chicago, IL
                         Co-founder and Collaborative Director, Good Stuff House, Chicago, IL
                         Studio Assistant, Jerry Bleem, Cicero, IL
                         Studio Assistant, Judith Mullen, Chicago, IL
2009                Adjunct Instructor, School of Design, Westwood College DuPage, Woodridge, IL
2008 – 2009  Assistant Director, Contemporary Art Workshop, Chicago, IL
2008               Teaching assistant, Fiber and Material Studies - Material Humor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2007                Teaching assistant, Fiber and Material Studies – Comic/Narrative, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Published Works/ Lectures/ Reviews

Images / Texts

2011                Fiction At Work, Biannual Report, February 2011
2010                Shampoo Vol. 37, Hannis Pannis (LINK)
2009                Hannis Pannis, collection of stories, self-published.
                         Fiction At Work, Small Hands, February 2009
2008                Life in Parellel, Gross, December 11, 2008 (LINK)
                         Bailliwik: I Tried So Hard, Issue #5, (LINK)
2007                Bailliwik: Hands, Issue #4, (LINK)
2005                C6 DIY Survival Handbook: Cardboard Buddies Cook Book, (LINK)
                         Don’t Be Yourself!, zine, self-published.
                         This Side of West: Hot Shot Administrator, Issue #3.


2009                Exquisite City: Artist Talk, Chicago, IL
2008               The School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Saddest Song You’ve Ever Heard, Chicago, IL
2007               The School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Live from Chicago, Chicago, IL
2005               69Pender: Don’t Be Yourself, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2013                 Beatrice Brittan, More Than Naked Interview, Arts Alive, July 2013 (LINK)
                         Brooke Herbert Hayes, The Great Fire: A Traveling Truck Show and What’s Next for Good Stuff House, Six Inches From Center, January 2013 (LINK)
2012                 Brooke Herbert Hayes, Artist Profile: Good Stuff House and The Great Fire: A Traveling Truck Show, I Am Logan Square, June 2012 (LINK)
                         Reid Singer, The Alternative Verge Art Fair Survives on the Edge of Frieze Week — But Can It Stand Out? , Blouin ArtInfo, May 4, 2012 (LINK)
                           Lori Waxman, Personal Exhibits Live in "Living by Example," "House is Not a Home", Chicago Tribune, February 29, 2012 (LINK)
2011                 Michael Workman, Yesterdays' Gone: Chicago's Dual-Weekend Fall Opener, True Stories, September 24, 2011 (LINK)
                Chloe Wilcox, Arts and Kraft, Chicago Weekly, January 19, 2011 (LINK)
2008                Kayce Bayer, Life in Parallel, November 10, 2008 (LINK)
                         Jason Foumberg, Summer Camp, New City Chicago, July 8, 2008 (LINK)
                         Jeremy Biles, Chicago Artists’ News, Vol XXXV, May, 2008
2007                Bryan Zandberg, My Space, The Tyee, June 15, 2007 (LINK)

Awards / Scholarships

2007                SAIC 2nd Year International Student Scholarship
2005                Atlantic Center for the Arts Half Scholarship
2004                Emily Apinis-Grundstein Scholarship


Lynda Gammon, Victoria, BC
Lucy Pullen, Victoria, BC
Stephen Strutynski, Victoria, BC
Steve and Katie Juras, Chicago, IL
Amy Honchell, Chicago, IL
The Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, Chicago, IL
The Gunnatowski Artist Collection, Chicago, IL
Jefferson Godard, Chicago, IL
Good Stuff House Collection, Chicago, IL

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